Bhutan will soon have a Biodiversity Bill in place

31 May, Thimphu: The Hon’ble Sanam Lyonpo, Yeshey Penjor introduced the Biodiversity Bill of Bhutan 2021 today at the Fifth Session of the Third Parliament of Bhutan.

The Bill affirms the national sovereignty and secures the trusteeship of the Bhutanese people over its genetic resources. It also promotes the conservation and sustainable use of biological resources and secures the value of Bhutan’s biological resources and associated traditional knowledge.

Among others, the Bill outlines the mechanism for accessing and utilizing Bhutanese genetic resources in a fair and equitable manner. Furthermore, it provides for a sui generis system of protection for plant varieties to strengthen rights of the farmers and breeders.

Considering the important nature of the bill for the country, the House endorsed the Bill for parliamentarian deliberation and referred it to the Natural Resources and Environment Committee for further scrutiny. The bill will be deliberated in detail during the 6th Session of the Third Parliament of Bhutan.

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