Disability Equality Training (DET) Workshop

A one-day “Disability Equality Training (DET) Workshop” was organized today for the staff of the National Biodiversity Centre, specifically the staff of the Royal Botanical Garden, Serbithang.
The training workshop is mainly aimed to increase awareness amongst the staff on disability and to learn how to better interact and support Persons with Disability (PWD). The Disability Equality Training (DET) was facilitated by the PWDs themselves on how to provide appropriate services and shared their lived experiences with the participants. The training will be useful in supporting the Persons with Disabilities that visit the garden hereafter.
The training was organized by the National Biodiversity Centre, MoAF, Royal Government of Bhutan and supported by the Australian Volunteers Program in line with the “Nature for All” project being implemented at the Royal Botanical Garden in partnership with Disabled People’s Organization-DPO, GEF SGP-UNDP Bhutan, and the Zhenphen Detshen.

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