Inauguration of the Biodiversity Interpretation Centre and launching of the Bhutan Biodiversity Portal User Manual on the International Biodiversity Day

To mark the International Biodiversity Day today, Biodiversity Interpretation Centre was inaugurated by His Excellency Lyonpo Yeshey Penjor, Minister of Agriculture and Forests today in a simple program.

Royal Botanical Garden Serbithang (RBGS) under the National Biodiversity Centre (NBC) felt the need to strengthen the awareness and outreach program on the importance of biodiversity and its conservation. Realizing this and understanding the importance of such programs, the garden successfully established the Biodiversity Interpretation Centre with funding support from the international donors.

The Interpretation Center is an integral part of the Royal Botanical Garden, which aims to provide an overall view and knowledge on the Bhutan’s biodiversity and to create awareness on the importance of biodiversity conservation. The Interpretation Centre consists of display of plant and invertebrate specimens, wood samples, biodiversity research equipment, ethno-botanical artefacts, Audio Visual facilities and information display materials among others.

In addition, the Bhutan Biodiversity Portal User Manual was launched. The user manual is expected to provide a step-by-step guidance to use the portal while uploading and downloading the biodiversity information and datasets. Currently, the portal has more than 65,000 observations which include species photos, videos, documents and datasets related to Bhutan’s biodiversity. Portal has around 1,700 registered users. The Bhutan Biodiversity Portal (BBP) is an official on-line repository of Bhutan’s biodiversity, aiming to provide the most updated and comprehensive information on Bhutan’s biodiversity through a single window. In addition to providing curated and updated information on Bhutan’s biodiversity through the species page, the portal also has features to promote citizen participation in documenting and understanding the biodiversity of Bhutan.

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