Two new species of snails discovered from Bhutan

Two new species of snails discovered from Bhutan: Sinoennea bhucylindrica from Pema Gatshel and Sinnoennea nimai from Zhemgang. An article describing and reporting the two new discoveries was published in the Basteria journal in April 2021. The two new species are determined using DNA sequencing along with morphological descriptions. Sinoennea bhucylindrica has cylindrical shell with the whorls having prominent ribs and Sinnoennea nimai has broad shell above the middle which narrow downs the base. In another article, two new records of a snail and a mussel are reported from Bhutan: Pisidium stewarti and Tibetoradix cf. hookeri from Jomolhari.

The specimens of the species are deposited at the National Invertebrate Repository Centre under the National Biodiversity Centre (NBC) in Serbithang, Thimphu.

These discoveries indicate the good health of the Bhutanese forests. The study was conducted by the National Biodiversity Centre (NBC) in collaboration with the Naturalis Biodiversity Centre in the Netherlands and Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environmental Research (UWICER). The project is funded by the National Geographic Society, BTFEC and Royal Government of Bhutan.

For a full article please click on the Link  Bhutan_HighAltitude_publ.   AND    Bhutan_Strept._Diaph._publ.


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