Nature for ALL

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Light it Up Blue!

Today, on this World Autism Day, we believe that there is no better way to celebrate this day than by becoming aware of the characteristics of people with this condition and how all of us can do better to increase our own understanding and promote kindness. The theme of this day is “Inclusive Quality Education for All”, which focus on inclusive education that will help in achieving Sustainable Development Goals in the longer run.

There are 15,567 persons with disabilities in the Kingdom of Bhutan which is about 2.1% of the total population of Bhutan. However, accessibility still remains a challenge to persons with disabilities. The Royal Botanical Garden program of the National Biodiversity Centre in an effort to make nature accessible to all, re-developed the footpath and made it accessible to people with disability. The garden is continuously working towards improving the overall accessibility. Today, National Biodiversity Center is proud to share this video “Nature for All” dedicated to persons with disabilities.

Gross National Happiness is the inclusion of the 2.1% of persons with disabilities. Let’s work towards “leaving no one behind” by enhancing our nature gardens and parks with universal designs.

The project is supported by GEF Small Grants Programme, implemented by UNDP in partnership with the Royal Government of Bhutan, EU-RDCCRP, Australian Volunteers Program, Nature Pour Tous, Natogora (Belgium), Disabled People’s Organization and the Zhenphen Group (a Community Based Organization formed by a group of youths with disability) in collaboration with the Royal Botanical Garden Program of the National Biodiversity Centre, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.