“The rich biodiversity may have a unique role to play at the global level in maintaining the genetic material required to guarantee food supplies for a growing world population as well as in the development of new pharmaceutical products. Our rich biodiversity may confer upon us a distinct comparative advantage in the development of new and clean industries based upon bio-prospecting and genetic engineering industries that could help to place Bhutan in the vanguard of scientific advance for the benefit of humankind”. – (Bhutan 2020)


Under the directive of the Ministry, the Bio-prospecting Division was established at NBC in 2009. The Division consists of Traditional Documentation Unit, Bio-Exploration Unit and Research Unit.

The primary functions of the division are to:

  • Develop policies and protocols on conservation and sustainable use of biological resources and associated Traditional Knowledge(TK).
  • Coordinate implementaion of National Access and Benefit Sharing Policy and Biodiversity Act of Bhutan 2003.
  • Serve as the national focal agency to regulate access to biological resources and fair and equitable sharing of benefits rising from its utilization.
  • Document, protect and appropriately utilize TK associated with biological resources.
  • Conduct exploartion and research on biological resources of the country for natural product development and bio-discovery.
  • Promote regional and international linkages for collaborative work in the field of bioprospecting and access and benefit sharing.
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