Invitation of Airfare Quotation

Monday, June 18th, 2018

The National Biodiversity Centre, Serbithang would like to invite air fare quotation from the eligible ticketing agent for the following sectors, as per the itinerary provided below:

Type of Class: Economy

No. of pax: 2

Date From To
24th June, 2018 Bangkok Singapore
27th June, 2018 Singapore Bangkok



  1. All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked as “Quotation for Air Ticket” to the Program Director, National Biodiversity Centre, MoAFs latest by 21st June, 2018 on/before 10.00AM and will be opened at 10:30am on the same day.
  2. Airline and seats must be confirmed while submitting the quotation and submit confirmed itineraries.
  3. The validation of fares and availability of seats should be as per the details mentioned above.
  4. The successful bidder should submit the photocopy of every air ticket along with their invoices for payment.
  5. Unconditional quotations like an increase of fares or changes of airlines at the time of travel are not accepted, and shall result in forfeiting of EMD.
  6. The quoted air fare has to be valid for 3 weeks.
  7. Tender documents should contain a photocopy of valid trade license issued by Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  8. Tenders should be accompanied with a lump sum amount of Nu.1000/-only as earnest money deposit in the form of draft/cash warrant (Cheque will not be accepted) issued in favour of the Program Director, National Biodiversity Centre.
  9. The earnest money of the lowest evaluated bidder shall be retained with the Centre as performance security deposit and will be returned only after the delivery of the air tickets mentioned in the supply order for the above sector.
  10. The route should be shortest possible with appropriate duration for transits, if any, reasonable boarding timing and in a reliable and safe airline.
  11. The purchaser reserves every right to reject the bids if it is found not responsive to our terms and conditions, and the decision of tender committee will be final and binding.

Evaluation of bids will be based on fare as well as the availability of confirmed seats, suitability of travel timing and reputation of the airline for safety reasons.


Monday, June 11th, 2018

The National Biodiversity Centre, Serbithang, Ministry of Agriculture & Forests would like to invite sealed bids for eligible suppliers having valid license for the supply of following items

  1. Office Stationaries.
  2. Electrical & hardware items.
  3. Vehicle spare parts, General Maintenance & Tyres.
  4. Catering

Last Date of the submission: 10th July, 2018. On/before 11am.

Opening date: 10th July, 2018 at 11.30 am.

Bidding Documents for Office Stationaries

Bidding Documents Electrical & hardware items

Bidding Documents Vehicle spare parts, General Maintenance & Tyres

Bidding Documents Catering


Monday, June 11th, 2018

The National Biodiversity Centre, Serbithang, Ministry of Agriculture & Forests would like to invite sealed bids for eligible having valid license for the Hiring Vehicles.


The tender document can be downloaded from the link below:

The tender has to be submitted to theAdm section, NBC, Serbithang.

The submission date: 10/7/2018, not later than 11 am.

Opening date: 10/7/2018, at 11.30 am

For detail, contact: 02-351417/350268

Hiring Vehicle 2018-2019

National Seminar on the Sharing of Experience on the Implementation of the ABS regime in Bhutan

Monday, June 11th, 2018

8th June, 2018: The National Biodiversity Center (NBC) along with the NPIF project implementing partners, Menjong Sorig Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited (MSPCL) and Bio Bhutan organized a daylong seminar on “sharing of experiences on the implementation of the Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) regime in Bhutan” at Norkhil Boutique Hotel and Spa, Thimphu.

The seminar was focused on the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization to the Convention on Biological Diversity which is an international agreement which aims at sharing the benefits arising from the utilization of genetic resources in a fair and equitable way.

Bhutan ratified the Nagoya protocol in 2012 and initiated the operationalization of the ABS regime in the Country. Subsequently, the ABS Policy of Bhutan was endorsed as the National Policy and the institutional mechanism for implementing ABS in the country was established. In 2014, NBC in partnership with UNDP CO secured an ABS project from Nagoya Protocol Implementation Fund. As a part of the project, the Center piloted ABS projects in collaboration with MSPCL, Bio Bhutan and local communities of Loggchina Gewog in Chukkha, Langthel in Trongsa and Dagala Gewog in Thimphu. During the course of its implementation over the last four years, many experiences and knowledge were generated by the implementing partners which was being disseminated to the relevant stakeholders through this seminar.

The seminar constituted of series of presentations/talks on the Convention on Biological Diversity and ABS from NBC followed by experiences sharing by Bio Bhutan, Dagala Community representatives MSPCL and NBC including discussions and question/answer session. The seminar also provided a platform for the participants to foster partnership/build network amongst the stakeholders (local communities, private sectors, researchers and the ABS authorities) involved in access and utilization of the biological resources and its associated traditional knowledge.

The seminar was attended by 27 officials;   Representatives from United Nation Development Programme, Department of Agriculture, Department of Livestock, Agriculture Research Development Center, Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, private entrepreneurs (Dragon herbs, Mountain Mist Soaps, Bhutan Cordyceps, Bhutan Organics, Norbu Healing) and Thimphu TechPark along with implementing agencies (NBC, Bio Bhutan and MSPCL).

The seminar was funded by UNDP-GEF through the NPIF Project.


Bhutan Biodiversity Portal awards announced

Sunday, June 10th, 2018
The National Biodiversity Centre is pleased to announce the winners of our Bhutan Biodiversity Portal Top Observer Awards and the recent Wild River BioBlitz competition.

Bhutan Biodiversity Portal Top Observer Awards

The Bhutan Biodiversity Portal has more than 57,000 biodiversity observations, including nearly 13,000 observations made with photographs. The National Biodiversity Centre would like to congratulate and acknowledge the following recipients of the Bhutan Biodiversity Portal Top Observer Awards:

Dasho Paljor J. Dorji, Advisor to the National Environment Commission, presented award certificates to our winners during International Biodiversity Day celebrations in Thimphu on 22 May 2018. As our Top Observers are based in central and eastern Bhutan they accepted their awards via video.

Mr. Tandin Wangchuk’s acceptance video for Bhutan Biodiversity Portal Top Observer Award

Mr.Phuentsho’s acceptance video for Bhutan Biodiversity Portal Top Observer Award

Winners of the Wild River BioBlitz

During the month of April, the National Biodiversity Centre teamed up with WWF Bhutan to run the Wild River BioBlitz. The BioBlitz generated an impressive 1124 observations (compared with 131 observations during the same period last year!).

We are pleased to announce the prize winners.

Best find – Rarest/most unusual observation

1. Mr. Jigme Wangchuk (Prize: Set of five fabulous Bhutan invertebrate field guides, WWF cap)

Black flies pupa stage     Photo credit: Mr. Jigme Wangchuk

2. Mr. Tshering Tobgay (Prize: Kaadoo: Explore Bhutan Wilderness, WWF cap)

Asian Small-clawed otter.    Photo credit:Mr. Tshering Tobgay

Best photograph

1. Mr. Phuntsho Wangdi (Prize: Set of five fabulous Bhutan invertebrate field guides, WWF cap)

Ruddy Shelduck.   Photo credit: Mr. Phuntsho Wangdi

2. Mr. Phuentsho (Prize: Kaadoo: Explore Bhutan Wilderness, WWF cap)

Himalayan Toad.   Photo credit: Mr. Phuentsho

Champion observer – Most number of observations submitted

1. Mr. Seangyeal Chhopheal (Prize: Set of five fabulous Bhutan invertebrate field guides, WWF cap)
Mr. Seangyeal Chhopheal (view his profile here) uploaded 282 observations during the Wild River BioBlitz.

2. Mr. Dorji Duba (Prize: Kaadoo: Explore Bhutan Wilderness, WWF cap)
Mr. Dorji Duba (view his profile here) submitted an impressive 405 observations during April 2018, which was nearly one-third of all observations submitted during the Wild River BioBlitz.

One of Mr. Dorji Duba’s cheeky “aquatic biodiversity” snaps of a Barking deer (also called a Northern Red Muntjac), submitted as part of the Wild River BioBlitz.


Interview with Wild River BioBlitz Champion Observer, Mr. Dorji Duba

Where do you live?
I live in Tashilling, Tshangkha, Trongsa

Where do you work?
I am a Senior Forester with the Jigme Singye Wangchuk National Park, Trongsa.

What motivated you to post so many observations to the BBP?
Just capturing the images of wildlife and storing them in your computer and camera is not enough. Share your findings and let your friends and people around the world see and learn about what they have never seen or come across before.

When did you start making observations?
My interest began when I started my life as a forester in 1999, but I couldn’t afford a camera. My dream of buying a camera came true only in September 2012. Then I started to capture everything I came across which was numerous as I always go to the field for camera trapping.

What was your most favorite or memorable observation and why?
My most favorite or memorable observation was of the endangered Himalayan musk deer captured during the period when I was trying to explore Black Mountain. I visited and tried many years back but did not came across that animal. During my second attempt only I could see it. But the capture was not easy. It took nearly one hour as it was summer and everybody knows how the weather conditions are at high altitude during that season.

What inspires you in life?
The beauty of nature.