Consultation workshop on Bioprospecting as Nature-based Solution for green mountain livelihoods

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A two-day workshop on “Bioprospecting as a Nature-Based Solution for Green Mountain Livelihoods,” led by National Biodiversity Centre (NBC) and International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) involving relevant stakeholders was held on 22nd to 23rd April 2024 in Paro. The event’s overall objective was to advance the use of bioprospecting as a Nature-based Solution (NbS) to promote sustainable livelihoods. The workshop was attended by 28 participants from different government agencies, NGOs, startups, the private sector, ABS community groups, Corporations and educational institutions.

The workshop explored challenges and opportunities in bioprospecting for livelihood promotion, developing a scaling strategy with a focus on capacity-building for local government and gender-responsive, climate-smart business development. Insights and recommendations from the workshop will shape policies to maximize socio-economic benefits while conserving biodiversity in mountain ecosystems.

ICIMOD, with help from partners in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal, is leading the Himalayan Resilience Enabling Action Programme (HI-REAP). The UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s (FCDO) funds this initiative to boost climate resilience in Asia. HI-REAP work to create a regional environment for greener and more inclusive climate-resilient paths. It gives advice on policy and practice and sets up the right frameworks for new solutions. A big part of HI-REAP is Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) like watershed management, restoring land and nature, bioprospecting, and reducing disaster risks. ICIMOD and NBC explore bioprospecting to improve livelihoods in mountain areas.