First TWG meeting of the NBSAP and 7th National Report to CBD projects conducted

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Group photo of the TWG members, alternate members and observers.

The first Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting of the NBSAPs and the 7th National Report projects was conducted from 3rd to 5th July at Paro. The meeting focused on developing the plans to assess and develop NBSAP and the 7th National Report to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

The TWG members include:

  1. National Biodiversity Centre (NBC), Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock (Co-chair, Member Secretary & Secretariat, Nagoya Protocol)
  2. Department of Environment & Climate Change (DoECC), Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources (Co-chair and CBD National Focal Point)
  3. Bhutan Food & Drug Authority (BFDA), Ministry of Health (Cartagena Protocol)
  4. Department of Forests & Park Services (DoFPS), Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources
  5. Department of Livestock (DoL), Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock
  6. Department of Agriculture (DoA), Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock
  7. Department of Water (DoW), Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources
  8. Department of Macro-Fiscal & Development Finance, Ministry of Finance
  9. Women & Children Division, Department of Education Program, Ministry of Education & Skills Development
  10. Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN)
  11. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) – Bhutan
  12. Bhutan Trust Fund for Environment Conservation (BTFEC)
  13. College of Natural Resources (CNR), Royal University of Bhutan
  14. United Nations Development Program (UNDP) – Bhutan
  15. A representative from the Private Sector