Presentation of the final draft National Strategies and Action Plan (NBSAP) to the Hon’ble Members of the National Assembly and National Council.

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On 5th September, 2014, the National Task Force for the revision of National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plan (NBSAP) presented the final draft NBSAP to the Environment and Urban Development Committee (EUDC) of the National Assembly and Natural Resources and Environment Committee (NREC) of the National Council. The objective of the presentation was to create awareness and update the members of the parliament on the revised NBSAP.  It was also to receive feedback and comments to strengthen the strategic action plan.

The revision of the NBSAP is carried out by the National Task Force, under the coordination of National Biodiversity Centre through a series of stakeholder consultations. The revised NBSAP has 20 national biodiversity targets, which are in line with the national priorities and global biodiversity targets. The NBSAP once endorsed by the government will become the national guiding document for biodiversity management.

Meeting in progress


Program Director with members of NA and NC

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