An ​​Evening for Biodiversity – Celebrating Bhutan’s Rich Biodiversity

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An Evening for Biodiversity-Celebrating Bhutan’s unique domestic and wild biodiversity was convened on 26 August 2022. The event was conceived under the auspicious guidance of Dasho Paljor J. Dorji and co-hosted by Bhutan Ecological Society (BES) and National Biodiversity Center (NBC).  This was the first ever event on-An Evening of Biodiversity-Celebrating Bhutan’s Nature.   The event also had live streaming on Facebook page facilitated by BES for the benefit of online viewers.

Addressing the gathering, the Officiating Program Director of NBC stated that Bhutan is renowned for rich biodiversity and Bhutan’s unique position in the Central-Himalayan Arc makes Bhutan rich in biodiversity. She further stated that Bhutan is characterized by very high levels of geodiversity and therefore, high levels of geodiversity also demand us to have very high levels of biodiversity for our sustenance and growth.

The rationale behind the event on “An Evening on Biodiversity-celebrating Bhutan’s nature” was to raise awareness on the country’s rich biodiversity, efforts being put in by different stakeholders for effective biodiversity conservation and sustainable utilization in the country and to gain support from different national and international organizations, NGOs, CSOAs, policymakers, financial institutions, academia, business and the general public.   Further, it was aimed at creating a close interface between different actors of biodiversity to strengthen our joint efforts to conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity in the country.

The event saw 4 important presentations on:

  1. Domestic biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Utilization by NBC
  2. Wild biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Utilization by NBC
  3. The incredible floral diversity of Bhutan’s forests by Bhutan for Life
  4. Nature un-sanitized: The invaluable value of the ‘last biodiversity refugia’ by BES

Addressing the gathering, Hon’ble Dasho Paljor J. Dorji (Dashi Benji) stressed that it is the responsibility of all Bhutanese to actively participate and provide support in the preservation of our unique biodiversity as enshrined upon in the Constitution of Bhutan. With much emphasis placed on biodiversity conservation, it is also equally imperative that our biodiversity plays a key role in the economic development of the country while ensuring sustainable utilization and equitable sharing of benefits arising from its use. Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Royal University of Bhutan, Department of Forests and Park Services, Civil Society Organization Authority, Bhutan Foundation, Tarayana Foundation, Bhutan for Life, Royal Society for Protection of Nature, Bhutanese film fraternity, RTC students and National Biodiversity Center.