The Tower: Collections (De Toren): A documentary film on dragonfly collections released

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A documentary film titled “De Toren” in Dutch or “The Tower” in English is based on the collaborative study on the invertebrates’ collections in Bhutan and mainly focused on collection of dragonfly species. The collection of a dragonfly species, named after His Royal Highness the Gyalsey (Crown Prince) of Bhutan as “Gyalsey Emerald Spreadwing (Megalestes gyalsey)” is the theme of the film. Film depicts how dragonfly and other insect specimens traveled to the Netherlands and returned to Bhutan, and also showcases the collaborative efforts of Bhutanese and Dutch researchers. The film also shows other aspects of species collections. The film has mostly Dutch as its primary language with English subtitles.

The film can be accessed in the link below:

The film is developed by the Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, the Netherlands in collaboration with the National Biodiversity Centre, MoAF, Bhutan, and other partners.

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